The Farm(s)

My urban flower farm is a collection of garden plots scattered around Squamish where I grow heirloom and unique flower varieties to support my design work. Each growing year is different and this is the part of my business that really keeps me grounded and connected to the land.

“cafe au lait” dahlia harvest. photo: Reannan Shay Heifetz

I grow my flowers using the SPINfarming technique (Small Plot INtensive farming) developed by a couple of Saskatchewan urban farmers, where several different plots of land are used to grow for market, or in my case for your designs. You can learn more about this here. I currently use four different local properties.

I use organic gardening techniques, exclusively, and put heaps of love, care and sweat into tending to my flowers. They truly are a labour of love.

dahlia varieties and echinacea harvest

Varieties we grew in 2019

Dahlias: Cafe au Lait, Appleblossom, Gitty Up, Totally Tangerine, Rockstar, Bride to Be, Dorothy, White Aster, Rock Run Ashely, Ice Tea, Terracotta, Connetticut Coral

Echinacea (Coneflower): Razzmatazz Pink Double Delight, Cheyenne, Pow Wow Wild Berry, Coral Reef, White Swan; Echinops (Globe Thistle); Astilbe – white and pink; White Astrantia; Black Barlow Columbine, Salvia, Cosmos: Choca Mocha Chocolate, White Purity; Zinnias: Zinderalla Peach, Zinderella Lilac; Sweet Peas: Pastel Mix, Matulaca, Mammoth Salmon, Jilly; several Heuchera varieties, Cerinthe, White Snapdragon, several Clematis vine varieties, Thunbergia, White and Pink Japanese Anemone, Nigella, Scabiosa varieties, Hellebore varieties, Dicentra (Bleeding Heart), Geum, Yellow and Pink Foxglove